Core shop equipment

Klann-Anlagentechnik: Core shop equipment

KLANN Anlagentechnik provides complete, working core shops for foundries, covering the entire process from delivery of the raw material to storage of the completed cores.

Specifically this includes:

  • Core shooters

    Core shooters for cold and hot box, Croning or CO2 curing in various designs. With shooting volumes of 2.5 - 60 litres and vertical and/or horizontal core box separation.…

  • Sand processing

    Fully automatic core sand mixer as a quick mixer for feeding the core shooters with a homogenous core sand-binder mix. Core sand recycling systems aggregate for the reuse of …

  • Core sand distribution installations

    Simple, reliable installations for transporting core sand vertically or horizontally from the mixer to the core shooters, without elaborate steelwork.

  • Binder storage units

    Container and drum storage for bubble-free transport of all conventional binders and binder components. Equipped with humidity absorption, optical and electrical fill level monitors…

  • Binder dosing

    Monitoring and dosing stations for binders used for production of optimal core sand mixes.

  • Core management

    Management installations and systems for further processing of cores after shooting incl. the necessary peripherals such as position tracking systems, coating tanks, burr processing units, drying…

  • Core shop planning

    Planning and delivery of complete core shops from sand delivery to core storage.